RANCHecker v2.8 for 3ds Max

What is it?

RANCHecker is a 3ds Max plugin developed by Ranch Computing that prepares your project before uploading it to the RANCH.

What is it good for?

RANCHecker does all the dirty work for you: it gathers all the textures used by your scene, includes the GI maps if used, verify that you have correctly set up the rendering parameters, change file paths if necessary and finally compiles your projects in a .VU3 archive file, ready to upload to the RANCH.

How to use it?

Only a few steps to get your archive ready:

  1. Check your scene: in only one click RANCHecker will create a .vu3 archive to upload to the Ranch.
  2. Verify your project: you can check if your project was correctly set up by reading the RANCHecker log.
  3. Get your archive: the vu3 archive project is ready to be uploaded via the submission webpage.


  1. Download RANCHecker for 3ds Max and unzip it on your hard disk.
  2. In 3ds Max, go to the 'Scripting/MAXScript' menu, clic 'Run Script' and browse to select the MZP file. Or, 'Drag and Drop' the MZP file directly to the 3ds Max viewport (make sure you have selected the MZP file and not the ZIP file).
  3. Finally, press the Install button.

RANCHecker Setup

RANCHecker is accessible via the ‘Rendering’ menu: RANCHecker in rendering menu

You can also create a button in the 3ds Max toolbar as a way to launch RANCHecker quickly. To do this you have to:

  1. Go to Customize→Customize User Interface
  2. Go to the Toolbar tab, Category: 'RANCHecker',
  3. Drag the 'RANCHecker' name to the toolbar.

RANCHecker in toolbar

With the plugin launched and a scene loaded in 3ds Max, click on the 'Prepare Project' button to prepare the project for the RANCH. That's all!

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