How to render with a specific camera?

By default, the .max scene is always rendered using the active camera (that is, the currently selected view). After you have successfully RANCHecked your project, all you have to do is include in your .vu3 archive (it's a really a .zip file) a text file named camera.txt, which must contain a single line: the name of the camera to render.

3ds_max_5 3ds_max_6

Please note that the camera name can contain spaces, and that it is not case-sensitive (in our example, “camera 002” and “Camera 002” would represent the same camera).

If the camera does not exist in the scene, the project will be rejected during the validation process. With this function, you can easily prepare a scene with several cameras only once with RANCHecker, and then change only the camera.txt file to create several projects, one for each camera.

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