Supported versions

The RANCH supports 3ds Max 2012 to 2021 projects.

Supported CPU render engines

  • V-Ray
  • Corona
  • Iray
  • Arnold
  • ART
  • Mental Ray
  • Maxwell Render*
  • Cycles
  • Scanline
  • Indigo

*For Maxwell Render still image projects, please see the Maxwell-specific guide and choose Maxwell Render as the Current application in the Submit Project Form.

Supported GPU render engines

  • FStorm
  • V-Ray GPU
  • Iray
  • Redshift
  • Octane
  • Cycles
  • Indigo

Supported plugins

Check the full list on the website.

If your project needs other specific external plugins, please contact us first to see if we can support them (only 64-bit plugins will be compatible with the RANCH).
Some plugins may not be supported for all versions of 3ds Max, contact us for details.

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