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Supported versions

The RANCH supports 3ds Max 2012 to 2021 projects.

Supported CPU render engines

  • V-Ray
  • Corona
  • Iray
  • Arnold
  • ART
  • Mental Ray
  • Maxwell Render*
  • Cycles
  • Scanline
  • Indigo

*For Maxwell Render still image projects, please see the Maxwell-specific guide and choose Maxwell Render as the Current application in the Submit Project Form.

Supported GPU render engines

  • FStorm
  • V-Ray GPU
  • Iray
  • Redshift
  • Octane
  • Cycles
  • Indigo

Major supported plugins

  • Autograss (Happy Digital)
  • BerconMaps/MultiTexture (Jerry Ylilammi)
  • CityTraffic (iCube R&D group)
  • Clone (Itoo Software)
  • ColorCorrect (Cuneyt Ozdas)
  • Forest Pack Pro (Itoo Software)
  • Houdini Ocean Toolkit (Guillaume Plourde)
  • Ky_Trail / Ky_AdjustColor (Last Jedi Outpost)
  • Laubwerk Plants Kits (Laubwerk)
  • MadCar (iCube R&D group)
  • MultiScatter (iCube R&D group)
  • RailClone Pro (Itoo Software)
  • RealFlow (Next Limit)
  • RichDirt 2 (enRich Pro)
  • Tree Storm (Onyx Computing)
  • Vue xStream (e-on software)

Check the full list on the web site.

If your project needs other specific external plugins, please contact us first to see if we can support them (only 64-bit plugins will be compatible with the RANCH).
Some plugins may not be supported for all versions of 3ds Max, contact us for details.

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