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The render of a multiscene project

The way that we render Blender projects on the RANCH allows you to render still images on multiple scenes thank to only one .blend file.

Hence, you can load several large still images with only one .vub archive file. Each of these frames will be rendered on a specific servor. To that end, your archive file must contains a Multiscene.txt file at its roots which indicates the settings for each scene.

Blender_6 Blender_7

The .txt file contains informations such as the following ones : Scene name; resolution; frames to render; which frames have to be rendered or not

This option can be implemented automatically thanks to our RANCHecker add-on for Blender. If you are using this process, the number of the frame to render that will be written in Multiscene.txt would be the one from the timeline at the moment you have created the archive file with the “Pack your project” button.

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