User interface


RANCHecker Tool:

  • Pack your project checks your scene and makes a .vub archive of your project (scene + assets).


  • Multiscene allows you to render still images from multiple scenes.
  • Separate Assets automates the process explained in the Storage of assets section.


  • Update RANCHecker will automatically look for updates on the RANCH Computing website and install them.
  • Then press 'F8' to reload the add-ons.

Log window


The log window of RANCHecker displays the information, warnings and errors.


You can also retrieve this information from the Blender log window: just drag the menu bar to make it appear.

If you can’t solve the errors displayed in red, we will be glad to help you! You can contact us at

Hints and tips

The checking process time depends on the scene settings and on the files size.

When you go through the process, RANCHecker for Blender will:

  1. Pack your textures into the .blend file
  2. Check your render settings
  3. Change some settings for optimization
  4. Save a new scene and the needed assets into a temporary folder
  5. Archive this folder into a .vub file
  6. Reload your original scene

Thus, if your scene takes time to save/load, it will also increase the time for RANCHecker to do all this checking/archiving process.

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