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Temporary content storage

If you need to make computer calculations for various scenes using the same content, you can upload your content just once on a FTP account. Then, you only need to include in your .vub file the elements that have changed from one scene to another. (for instance, the .blend file)

If you want to benefit from this option, please contact us. We will create for you a FTP account and a temporary storage file on the RANCH. You will receive your credentials by e-mail.

Please, be so kind as waiting our confirmation that your FTP account has been created prior to start any render.

Step 1: Creation and management of the content storage files

  • In your FTP account, you can create multiple subdfolders that can contain many different files.
  • With your favourite FTP client (Filezilla, FireFTP, etc…), upload into the file the elements that need to be reused in different projects.


Step 2: Submission of a project that requires pre-loaded contents

  • On your computer, paste into the main project folder the elements that are not already included in the content FTP folder (the Blender scene for instance).
  • Include a .txt file called UseLocalAssets.txt in the roots of your project folder. The file must include the name of the necessary content FTP folder (in our exemple: classroom).

Blender_10 Blender_11

You can eventually zip your project folder (with 7-Zip, Winrar, etc…) in order to create an archive file. You will need to rename the extension into .vub.

As soon as the RANCH will unzip your archive, it will detect the UseLocalAssets.txt file and will automatically add the content of the FTP folder classroom into the .vub archive file in order to create the complete project.

Warning : if you choose the automatic process, please verify that the path of your folders in the Blender scene are relative and that they are directed toward the correct folder!

Things to bare in mind

  • This solution does not aim to be a permanent storage solution. As soon as your content folders are not useful any longer, you must delete them.
  • The files from the content folder are always added to the archive file corresponding to the project that you are submitting. If two files having the same name are present both in the FTP content folder and in the archive: the file from the FTP content folder will overwrite these from the .vub file.
  • Do not include useless files in your FTP content folder: they would all be added to your project even though they are not necessary for your scene. This extra files would increase the time needed in order to deploy your project on the RANCH nodes.

Please make sure that all the content necessary for your project has been uploaded onto the RANCH prior to submit your project. Otherwise, the validation process may create a project without all the contents: this would lead to some issues in your final render.

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