RANCHecker is a Cinema 4D plugin developed by the RANCH to help you prepare your project before uploading it to the RANCH.


 Ranchecker log


If you use Cinema 4D R15, please make sure to install the R15.057 update (or greater) to benefit from all the features provided by RANCHecker.

1. Download RANCHecker for Cinema4D
2. Open Cinema 4D
3. Go to Menu Edit < Preferences (Cmd+E or Ctrl+E)
4. Click on Open Preferences Folder

 Ranchecker preferences

5. Extract the archive content into CINEMA 4D R… > plugins

 ranchecker install

6. Restart Cinema 4D

You can install RANCHecker in the application folder instead of the preferences folder but, as the plugins folder is write protected by default, RANCHecker might not be able to perform automatic updates.

Interface integration

We recommend to create a button in a palette as a way to launch RANCHecker quickly.

1. Go to Menu Window > Customization > Customization Palettes…
2. In the Name Filter field, type RANCHecker  Ranchecker

3. Drag and drop the RANCHecker command to the choosen palette.  ranchecker c4d



With the plugin launched and your scene loaded in Cinema 4D, click on the Check Project button to prepare your project for the RANCH. That's all!

In one click, RANCHecker generates a ready-to-send .vuc archive.

Do not rename the .vuc file manually otherwise your project might be rejected.

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