Archive destinations

By default, the archive is created inside your project directory. If you want to use a custom destination, you can enable Archive destination and select your path. setting_c4d_1

Archive name

You can specify a custom name using the Archive destination field, by using .vuc as extension. setting_c4d_2


RANCHecker do support the Take system of Cinema 4D. setting_c4d_3

You can check several Takes to create multiple projects archive in one go.

RANCHecker will create one independent project per Take with all the assets duplicated. If you want to upload once the assets for multiple projects, please see the next section FTP assets.

FTP assets

If you have a slow internet connection and need to render several scenes which all use the same assets (textures, etc.), you may want to use the possibility of uploading the assets only once, and then include in your project archive only the changing elements (basically the .c4d scene file).

1. Creation of your FTP directory

Please contact us by e-mail if you need a temporary FTP directory for assets storage. We will create it and send you back the information to access your directory.

2. Project preparation

  a. Show the option by going into Menu Settings > Show/Hide advanced settings


  b. Enable Seperate assest from archive


  c. Clik on Check Project

RANCHecker creates a folder containing the assets (the .vuc archive contains only the .c4d file). setting_c4d_6 setting_c4d_7

You can now upload the .vuc archive using your user account on our website, the project will use the FTP assets. If you want to re-use the assets for another project, you just need to use the correct folder name when you prepare with RANCHecker: setting_c4d_8

The asset folder will be generated on your computer, but this time no need to re-upload it.

Please note that:

  • You can use several assets sub-directories at the same time.
  • This feature is not intended to be used as a permanent online storage facility, please erase your content when it is no longer needed.
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