Downloading the rendered frames

Using RANCHSync

Download RANCH Sync for PC or Mac: this free software automatically downloads your files on your computer when your project is finished.

And if you have enough credits in your RANCH Safe, it can also download your animation frames as soon as they are rendered, while the project is rendering!

RANCH Sync works with all 3D software supported by the RANCH.

Using FTP or HTTP

When your project is finished, you will receive an e-mail with the name of the ftp server, your temporary user account for this project, and your password to access the directory where your files are stored.

If you do not receive this final e-mail quickly enough (check your antispam filter if you do not find it), or if you do not have access to your e-mail, you can also get the download information from the RANCH site. Log in, go to ‘My projects’ and click on the ID number or the name of the project. This will open the project details, which include the ftp download info and a ‘Web download’ direct http link.

You can use your favorite ftp client to download the files; we recommend FileZilla as it is free, easy to use and efficient.

We have a 100 Mbits/s symmetrical internet bandwidth (fiber optics). If you have yourself a fast internet connection, you will be able to download your files at high speed (we have measured several megabytes per second transfer rates).

High-Speed surface delivery

If your project produces a huge amount of data, downloading this data in a reasonable time may be impossible. For these special cases, we offer a physical delivery service. We can copy all your data on a hard disk and send it to you. This service is only available in Paris or at close proximity to Paris. The total cost of the service includes:

100 euros per hour (during business hours) for manual intervention
+ hard disk data transfer time
+ a 100-euro deposit for the loan (if necessary) of an external 1 TB hard disk (the deposit will be converted to a 100-euro refill when the disk is returned)
+ cost of transport (see below)

For instance, inside Paris with our partner:

  • 8 € for the “normal” formula (2h to 2h30)
  • 24 € for the “exclu” formula (1h à 1h30)
  • 48 € for the “double exclu” formula (45 minutes)

Please consult us for delivery outside business hours. Alternatively, you may want to come yourself at our facility to get the data on your own hard disk: you will then have to pay only for the manual intervention and data transfer time.

All the project data will be erased from the RANCH main server the day after you receive the data. The 5-day rule (we usually keep the files of a project during 5 days) does not apply here, as the project won't ever be downloaded. So if you have a problem with delivery or receiving your data (unexpected delay, hard disk failure or incompatibility…), please contact us the same day to prevent automatic erasing the day after.

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