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 RANCHecker is currently available for the following software: RANCHecker is currently available for the following software:
-|  [[3dsmax:​ranchecker|{{ :​3dsmax:​icon.png?​nolink&​48 |3ds Max}}]] [[3dsmax:​ranchecker|3ds Max]]  |  [[cinema4d:​ranchecker|{{ :​cinema4d:​c4d.png?​nolink&​48 |Cinema 4D}}]] [[cinema4d:​ranchecker|Cinema 4D]]  |  [[maya:​ranchecker|{{ :maya:icon.png?​nolink&​48 |Maya}}]] [[maya:​ranchecker|Maya]] ​ |  [[blender:​ranchecker|{{ :​blender:​icon.png?​nolink&​48 |Blender}}]] [[blender:​ranchecker|Blender]] ​ |+|  [[3dsmax:​ranchecker|{{ :​3dsmax:​icon.png?​nolink&​48 |3ds Max}}]] [[3dsmax:​ranchecker|3ds Max]]  |  [[cinema4d:​ranchecker|{{ :​cinema4d:​c4d.png?​nolink&​48 |Cinema 4D}}]] [[cinema4d:​ranchecker|Cinema 4D]]  |  [[maya:​ranchecker|{{ :maya:maya_icon_128.png?​nolink&​48 |Maya}}]] [[maya:​ranchecker|Maya]] ​ |  [[blender:​ranchecker|{{ :​blender:​icon.png?​nolink&​48 |Blender}}]] [[blender:​ranchecker|Blender]] ​ |
 ===== For the other software ===== ===== For the other software =====
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