How does it work?

Our system is automated, runs 24 hours a day, and is very user-friendly. We accept scenes from all over the world, everything is done by the internet. You can submit scenes whenever you want. The principle in a few words:

  1. you create an account on our web site
  2. you prepare you scene on your computer
  3. you send us your project file, directly from your hard disk to the RANCH
  4. when finished, you download your images

When your render begins, an e-mail is sent to you by our renderfarm server. When it is finished, you receive another e-mail to confirm the end of the rendering. This e-mail also gives you various statistical information (number of GHz.h used, volume of data to download…).

If for some reason you can't access your e-mail, all the download info (ftp / http) and invoices for your projects are also accessible directly from the RANCH web site: just log in and go the 'My Projects' section.

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