Important information about scene preparation

General Information:

  • Please verify before sending the scene that you have saved it with all the correct parameters. It is the user's responsibility to provide the scene with every parameters correctly set. The scene will be rendered exactly as you send it. Don't hesitate to send a test on 10 frames with low priority to confirm it goes fine, before sending the final project.
  • Please always specify individual frames rendering for animations output (.exr, .bmp, .tga, .rla, etc.). We cannot directly render an animation to a video file format (.avi, .mov, .wmv…) due to multiple differences between video formats, codecs, platforms, 64-bit incompatibilities, etc. In any case it is always better to render individual frames, for a lot of reasons: more security, better quality, ability to do compositing, ability to try different compression methods afterward with your video editing software, etc.
  • Please be reminded that per SideFX terms and conditions, Houdini Indie (or above) is required for any third-party rendering (Pixar - Renderman, Maxon - Redshift, Chaos Group - Vray, Autodesk - Arnold).
  • Use only alpha numeric characters:
    Avoid any space or special characters in you paths (files or directory): use only alphanumerical values [A..Z][a..z][0..9] or “-” or “_”, that's it.
    Example (French): ELETRO3D Dropbox/éléctroménager/FOUR 76XDR/TEXTURES/ - Should be -ELETRO3D_Dropbox/electromenager/FOUR_76XDR/TEXTURES/ ​

Limitations :

These limitations are required by the SideFX licence type policies for Houdini.

  • Allocated Nodes on the Farm for your project

    • Render mode
      According to the licence :
      • .hipnc (Aprentice mode) Rendering only with Mantra, one node allocated on the farm.
      • .hiplc (Limited commercial, Indie licence) Three Nodes Maximum (Three machines on the farm) will be allocated for the rendering.
      • .hip (Commercial mode, HoudiniFX licence) Allocated nodes depending on your choice in the price list (Maximum allocated nodes is mentioned under the price)

    • Sim mode
      The project will be executed on one CPU Farm node.
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