FTP Fonctionnalities

  • Client FTP account :
    To store assets needed in your projects, Please, send an email at contact@ranchcomputing.com to get a login and password for a FTP account on our servers. This will allow you to login using Filezilla for instance. Your mail (In your profile on our web site) will be used. This mail is the information you need to provide in the RANCHecker FTP section. This account is different from the temporary FTP account created to retreive your images at the end of a rendering.
    Our services could clean it periodically, please keep a copy of these data.
  • Separate Assets from Archive :
    You can separate all external assets in a new directory, outside the .vuh archive, to facilitate data transfer to our services (Specially if the data volume to transfer from your PC to the Farm is very large).
    To this end check the option “Separate Assets From Archives“. You can indicate the local directory on your hard drive where you want the RANCHecker to collect and save the external files of the project.
    then using a software as “Filezilla” for instance, you can upload this directory manually on your FTP account on the RANCH site.
    The “Folder Destination” parameter indicate to the RANChecker where to create the directory on your hard drive.
    The “FTP Folder Name” specify the project directory name on your FTP client account associated to the project archive .vuh.

    Remark you can have a sub-directories path in the “FTP Folder Name” field.
    For instance “projets1/textures”.
    In this example, you will have to transfer the directory projets1 on your FTP account home directory. You can use this feature to organize your data on your FTP RANCH account .
  • Files Already Transfered on your FTP account :
    This function is useful in case, for instance, of sending again a Rendering for a project that have already it's associated assets on your FTP account.
    The “Assets Already Transfered” parameter (Only with the RANCHecker Render mode ), indicate to the RANCHecker that the data are already stored on the FTP account and there is not need to save them again.
    However you still need to run the function Collect Files to be sure that the RANChecker will update the paths file of your scene accordingly to the Farm file system. Absolute file path on your hard drive cannot be found on the Farm, it is required to update the path to fit the working directory structure used when your project is deployed and executed on each node of the Farm.
  • Files Already Transferred on your FTP account coming from another project:
    You can also associate files from precedent projects that have been using FTP. These files, at running time, will be copied in the node working directory directly on the location of the $HIP. In that case in your scene, check the nodes using these files, they should address them using $HIP.(The RANCHecker cannot detect automatically this special case).
    If you need help please contact us.

    To use this functionality, specify the directory(ies) you want to associate in your FTP account using the field “FTP Folder To Collect” (only in RANCHecker Render Mode) separated by spaces.
    Example : “projet1 projet2 projet3/textures”, here, (on FTP), the whole projet1 and projet2 directories contents, and the textures directory contents in theprojet3 directory will be copied at the $HIP location on the Node for the calculation.
    For instance, if in the texture directory you want to use the file my_texture.hdr, You must put, on the light node using this file: “$HIP/my_texture.hdr”
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