RANCHecker for Rendering (Render Mode)

  • Select Render Node:
    Authorised ROP RANCH list: Mantra, Arnold, Redshift, Renderman and Vray are the only authorised ROP for the moment.
    The Menu parameters provide you with a short recap of your scene.
    “-” appearing in fields, means that major errors where found and will be reported to you in Houdini dialog boxes. Please correct them as required.
  • Extract Image Planes:
    This option is available only if the selected ROP is of type Mantra and the output format is of type .exr. This allow you to generate your AOVs split in several exr files (instead of one multilayer exr).
  • Collect external files:
    Click on Collect Files to run a “Preflight Scene” type interface. From this interface, you can indicate to the RANCHecker which external files should be collected and integrated in the archive (Or, if you are using an FTP client account, which files should be set aside). By default all files authorised by the RANCHecker are selected.

    When you are happy with the selection, click on Build Archive, and let the tools compile the archive.

    When this is done you can upload the .vuh archive on the Ranch Computing web site.


  • About authorized file size limitations:
    In this example, on the top, the total files size is displayed. Here 7.59 Mb will be collected (You may see a Warning message if this size is superior to 50 Gb, and an Error if it is above 100 Gb).
  • Elements Selection:
    All the elements that will be copied, can be selected/deselected with the Check/Uncheck All button.
    On this example only 4 elements will be copied and included in the archive. You can see the size information displayed on the corresponding line for each element, and you can open the file's directory with a system file explorer using the yellow icon on the right.
  • Elements Organisation:
    To find them easier, all elements are listed by extension type.
    On the right panel, are displayed all scene parameters that will have their file path modified by the RANCHecker (“rerooted”) when building the archive, to fit the file system organisation on the Farm. (Remark: your scene is not modified, only the scene version saved in the archive).
    Only the parameters displayed in Blue (validated) can be modified.
    In red (not validated), indicate parameters located inside locked Hda, and cannot be modified for the Ranch.

    Elements in Blue indicate that no obvious errors have been detected by RANCHecker.
  • Elements in the Error section:
    The elements highlighted in red should be investigated. To help you debug your scene in case of problems, the interface will display a report for the errors found running the Preflight Scene. Every red element will not be archived by the RANCHecker.

    The ERROR section display all RANCHecker unknown errors. If one of your file appear in this section, please contact us.
    All other sections will give you information on the type of error the RANCHecker has detected.

    EXAMPLE : NO_FILES_FOUND for an element indicates that the directory found for that element exists on your drive but doesn't contain the file name listed in the element parameters.

    DEBUG HINT: in the error list, detects where to find the element not handled correctly by the RANCHecker.
    uncheck all, and select the element you need, this will display only the parameters concerning these files.
    Click on one of them, Houdini will display and focus on the related node in the node view. In case of emergency, you may simplify too complex path file to help the validation by the RANCHecker. Don't hesitate to contact us to help you (or us) correct the issue, in order to prevent any specific file path manipulation in the future.
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