RANCHecker for Simulation (Mode Sim)

Remark :
Your simulation project will be calculated on one node on the RANCH CPU Farm.

Ranch Cache To Simulate :


Indicate the RANCh caches you want to calculate on the Farm in the section : Ranch Cache To Simulate. They will be executed in the order set : from PanchCachePath 1 to n .(Please refer to the RANCH Cache documentation page for details on their usage).
When you are happy with your settings, you can click on the “Build Archive” Button on top of the interface. This will generate your archive .vuh ready to upload in a new project, on our web site.

In this example, if you had already generated in local the caches “collider_sdf” and “collider”, and you want to calculate “flip_sim” on the Farm, then :

Specify only the Ranch Cache “flip_sim” in the section Ranch Cache To Simulate. This one will be calculated on the Farm.

Ranch Caches To Collect :

This section allow to specify the RANCH Caches files generated in local that you want the RANChecker to integrate in the .vuh archive.

Indicate all Ranch Cache to collect in this section Ranch Caches To Collect. (You can drag&drop your nodes Ranch Cache or Ranch Cache Layer in the fields, or using the button on the right to search it in the Houdini interface.


In this example the files generated in “collider_sdf” and “collider” will be added in the .vuh archive.

If you want to use an FTP account to transfer this data, please consult the Ranch Cache documentation page, for the details concerning FTP usage parameters.

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