ACES - OCIO - Color Management

(BETA support)

We support ACES 1.2 OpenColorIO configuration installed on the farm,

In Maya you have two ways to address it:

Method 1: In the Maya Preferences in Ocio Config Path use : “C:\ocio\aces\config.ocio”
* Open the VUA archive with any archive manager (7zip for example)
* Go to the “pref” folder and edit the “color_management.xml” file.
* Replace the ocio path value (<Parameter name=“OCIOConfigFile” value=“) by: <Parameter name=“OCIOConfigFile” value=“C:\ocio\aces\config.ocio” />

- - - -
Method 2: If you want to use another ACES version:

  • Create a folder C:/Maya/Currentjob/sourceimages
  • Copy your ACES directory in this “sourceimages” folder
  • In the Maya Preferences in Ocio Config Path use : “C:\Maya\Currentjob\sourceimages\aces\config.ocio”

You can check that your color management has been taken into account by opening the .vua file (with 7zip for example) and verifying the pref/“color_management.xml” file.

Please send a test project first (3 to 10 frames for instance) to the RANCH, in order to confirm everything goes fine.
Please contact us at in case of any trouble or questions.

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