RANCHecker for Maya

RANCHecker is a Maya plugin developed by the RANCH to help you prepare your project before uploading it to the RANCH.


1. Download RANCKecker archive on your computer and unzip it on your Desktop.

2. Open Maya and go to the Script Editor.


3. Go to File > Source Script and load RANCHeckerForMaya_Setup.py


4. Select UNINSTALL if you have a previous version of the RANCHecker Maya installed. Exit Maya, Re-Open Maya.


5. Select INSTALL and the folder where you unzip the installation archive.


6. RANCHecker in now installed, you can launch it from the menu bar.


You need to activate the RANCHecker in Maya for it to work: go to Windows→Settings/Preferences→Plug-in Manager and active the RANCHecker.

This plugin is delivered with an automatic update procedure. If a new version is available a message will be displayed at Maya start, asking you for update.


With the plugin launched and your scene loaded in Maya, click on the Pack Project button to prepare your project for the RANCH. As simple as that! It will create a .vua archive that you can upload to our website.

Maya Rancheker

Do not rename the .vua file manually, otherwise your project might be rejected!

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