Remark :

In Maya, Alembic file are generally saved with their absolute paths on your PC
(instead of the relative one) and may be not found on the farm at rendering time.
(ex absolute: C:\Users\John\Desktop\Mayaproject\cache\Alembic\
versus relative: ..\cache\Alembic\

To workaround this problem, you can:

  • 1. Set the path used on the Farm :
    Rancheck your scene to generate your .vua archive,
    Create a directory “C:\Maya\Currentjob” (Exactly this string upper/lower cases include) where you can prepare you project.
    And follow the steps documented here: check_your_vua_archive


  • 2. Import your alembic as references in the scene, using the Maya→File→Reference Editor, then Save and RANCheck your scene.
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