Using Xgen in your scene requires a few steps so that the rendering goes smoothly and that your fur appears.

WARNING: step 3 is handled automatically by RANCHecker for Maya.

1. Create a .abc file for each collection you use. If your simulation is animated, enter the desired frame range.



2. Check the output options to see if a “batch render” option is available, as well as the specific renderer.


3. In the folder of your scene, you will find 2 new files .abc and .xgen


The .xgen file must be modified so that the xgProjectPath parameter is replaced by our own hierarchy which is C:/Maya/CurrentJob/.

To do so, you can open the file with a classic text editor: look for the xgProjectPath occurency with CTRL+F, and replace the line by C:/Maya/CurrentJob/.

WARNING: This parameter can appear several times in the document, it must be modified EACH TIME.

You can now create the .vua archive with our plugin RANCHecker for Maya or manually.

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