Renderers specific information


If you use e-on software Vue xStream in your Maya projects, you must embed the Vue scene in the Maya scene before sending your project to the RANCH. To do so, please verify that you have checked the 'Incorporate Vue scene in Maya scene file' square in the Vue xStream options, before saving your Maya scene in .mb format.



If you use Maxwell Render as the render engine for your Maya animation project, please verify that the values for 'Render Time(minutes)' and 'Sampling Level' are correct, as you will not be able to change them in the Maya Submit project form.


The Render Time value entered here is the maximum render time in minutes for each frame of the animation, not for the entire animation.
This render time does not include the preparation / voxelization time. We recommend that you always use a Sampling Level to stop the render for each frame, instead of a time limit (to do so, enter a very high value in Render Time so that the SL will always be reached before the time limit).

This is the best way to ensure that each frame of the animation will have exactly the same image quality.

Others Render Engines

There is no specific information to take into account for other renderers.

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