For the moment, using Yeti on the RANCH farm require manual modifications from users.

Please do the following steps to be sure that your Fur will be rendered properly.

1) Create a folder C:\Maya\Currentjob\cache and drop your .fur file inside.
2) In your scene, change the path of your fur to the previous folder (pgYetiMaya > I/O > Input) and set “Input Mode” to “cache”
3) RANCHeck your scene and DO NOT click on “Submit” button
4) Open the .vua with an archive manager(for example 7zip) and drag and drop your cache folder
5) Upload the archive on the RANCH through the web interface

Special case

If you render with Renderman, using caches is not a mandatory. If you want to render without caches with Arnold, be sure to have write in Render Settings > “Common” tab > “Render Options” the command line pgYetiPreRender in the 3 following field:
“Pre render Mel”, “Pre render layer Mel” and “Pre render frame Mel”.


RANCHecker V5 tool keeps improving and soon will automatically collect caches.

For the moment, the VUA created with RANCHecker 5 are only compatible with Arnold, Redshift and Renderman.
For Vray, please contact us at, so we can provide you the best solution for your needs.

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