Understanding the OB.h

Our prices are based on the commonly accepted “OctaneBench-hour” unit: the cost of a project is based on how many OB.h are used to render it.

Concrete example

A GPU with 4 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards has an OctaneBench score of 860 (score OB4).

If such a server renders for a half-hour, the number of OB.h charged will be 860 x 0.5 h = 380 OB.h.

A project using 16 nodes during a half-hour will then use 16 x 860 x 0.5 = 6,880 OB.h.

The cost of a project is equal to its number of OB.h multiplied by the price per OB.h which depends on the priority you choose.

In our example above, this half-hour render with the GPU-Low priority (0.011 € per OB.h) will cost 6,880 OB.h x 0.011 € / OB.h = 75.68 €.

This can be even less depending on the discount you can get when buying a credit refill.

The displayed price per OB.h is only an indication. The only reasonable way to compare render times and prices between renderfarms for a given project is to use a cost estimator like the one you will find on our web site.

You are only charged for the render nodes that work on your project (as a node is not shared by multiple projects).

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