Rates: answer to the frequently asked questions

Can I get a quotation?

  • For online rendering, please use our cost estimator.
  • To buy or rent hardware, please send us your request by e-mail..

How can I estimate the cost of my project?

  • The Estimator estimates the rendering duration and cost of your project. This estimation is based on the average rendering duration of an image on your computer. To get an accurate estimation, you need to enter accurate parameters.
  • Learn more about the cost estimator.
  • Use the cost estimator.

How to choose the most appropriate priority?

  • On the POWERFarm (CPU) and the GPUFarm, our priority system sorts the projects in the waiting list and attributes a maximum number of nodes per project. Therefore, the higher the priority, the sooner and the faster the project will begin to render. You can check the waiting list anytime in your personal account.
  • Check the volume discounts.

How to get free RANCH Credits?

1. You are a student, teacher or trainer in a school, university or specialized training course, public or private? We double your Ranch Credits. For instance, if you add €150 in your safe we double it and you get €300 of rendering credits. To benefit from this offer, send us a valid document which proves your academic status.

2. You are a new Ranch user? CReate and account and receive a €30 coupon by email to test our services.

3. You are a professional? Benefit from free credits thanks to the volume discounts. For instance, if you pay €900 you will get 1,000 RANCH Credits and if you pay €6,000 you will get 8,000 RANCH Credits. By evaluating your needs for the next few months rather than for each project, you can make very significant savings. Discover the volume discounts.

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