Uploading your project on the Ranch

Simply go to https://www.ranchcomputing.com/submit-project and specify the parameters of you scene.

After choosing your farm and your priority, you are ready to upload your project.

Preparing your project with the RANCHecker is required before any upload.

It will generate a file with the correct extension. You may rename this file as long as it fulfills the naming requirements.

For large project, please consult Rendering a very heavy project section.

Using the robust uploader

You should see the robust module to upload you project :


Simply drag-and-drop you file on the white zone to start the upload. If there is any issue during the upload (internet interruption for instance) you can reload the page and re-initiate the download : it will resume where it previously stopped.

Re-using a file previously uploaded

If you already rendered a project, you can render it again with different parameters (higher resolution, other camera, different frame range) without having to upload it!

On the upload page, simply click on “You can reuse an already uploaded project” : it will show you all the files that are available.

You may rename the file (with the same naming requirements as an uploaded file) and reuse it by clicking “Reuse”.

Using the legacy uploader

If any of the previous method do not work, you may use the legacy uploader by clicking inside the warning box on “switch to our alternative uploading module”.

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