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Supported versions

Animation projects for Vue 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 2014.x, 2015.x and 2016.x.

  • Still image projects for Vue 11.x, 2014.x, 2015.x, 2016.x.
  • Still image projects Vue 11 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 are rendered with our exclusive MultiBand technology. It is essential to read technical information section if you want to render stills for these versions.
  • Standalone Vue projects are rendered with the 64-bit versions of Vue xStream. It is recommended to you use the same versions/builds that we have.
  • Integrated projects (3ds Max/Maya/C4D/Lightwave + Vue xStream) are also supported. Please consult the dedicated User Guide dedicated to your main 3D application in this portal.

Scenes saved with PLE (limited) versions of Vue can’t be rendered on the RANCH, since they can only be rendered on the computer on which they were saved.

Cornucopia 3D protected content is supported with Vue 2015/2016
If you use Cornucopia 3D objects, plants or textures in your scenes, we recommend you use non copy-protected content. However, if you need to send scenes containing copy-protected elements to the RANCH, make sure to submit project with Vue 2015/2016, or protected content will not be rendered.

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