How to choose a priority

How does it work?

Our priority system:

  • attributes a maximum number of nodes per project.

The higher the priority, the sooner and the faster the project will begin to render.

The waiting time before a project begins depends on the priority you choose and the number of projects in the queue. Thanks to our processors, amongst the fastest on the market, the time spent in the queue will be compensated by the speed of the rendering!

All projects of equal priority are processed in a first-in first-out order, with a waiting list for following projects. Please note that several projects can run at the same time if their total number of frames does not exceed the number of available render nodes.

The attribution of a number of nodes by priority only works for animations. This number and therefore the speed depends on th occupancy rate of the farm. Please don't forget to check the waiting list.

Priority cost


  • CPU Low: 0.016 € per GHz.h
  • CPU Low-256 Go: 0.017 €
  • CPU Medium: 0.018 €
  • CPU High: 0.021 €
  • Elite: 0.039 €

GPU Farm

  • GPU Low: 0.009€ per OctaneBench 2020 point
  • GPU-24GB VRAM: 0.011€
  • GPU Medium: 0.012€
  • GPU High: 0.015€
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