Waiting list

What is it?

Our priority system sorts the projects in the waiting list. You can clearly see details of your projects in it, but projects which belong to other customers have their names and details hidden for confidentiality reasons.

Project start

The time before a project is taken over depends on:

  • the chosen priority level: The higher the priority, the sooner the project will begin to render.
  • the number of projects in the queue: thanks to our processors, amongst the fastest in the world, the time you may spend in the queue will be compensated by the speed of rendering!

As long as your project is in the waiting list and is not the currently rendered project, you can increase its priority level to move it higher in the queue, or remove the project from the queue.

How to choose a priority?

Percentage of progress

Note that the % of progress displayed depends on the number of frames already rendered.

As each node renders one frame, if each frame takes 30 minutes to render, it is normal that the display stays at 0% for 30 minutes. The % will rise as soon as the first frames are rendered.

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